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Prophet Huynh's Birthday 2011 was celebrated on Sunday December 21st, 2011 at Hoa Hao Buddhist Center in Santa Ana, California, USA
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DONALD MALLEN- The faith of Prophet Huynh Phu So appealed to me mainly because of its simple purity _it concentrates on the essence of our spiritual and physical relationships rather than depending upon
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Stephen Toupin- I am interested in Hoa Hao Buddhism because it allows one to question and think freely; and does not require that a person follows laws and rules on faith. It also teaches responsibility and mental development.

12. Hoa Hao Buddhist Organization

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A. Central Council of Administrators

B. Administrative Committees(Provincial and inter provincial levels).

An Giang, Chau Doc, Sadec, Kien Phong, Kien Giang, Vinh Long, Phong Dinh, Bac Lieu, Chuong Thien, An Xuyen, Ba Xuyen,Bien Hoa, Gia Dinh, Vinh Binh, Kien Hoa, Kien Tuong, Lam Dong, Tuyen Duc, Ninh Thuan, Phu Yen, Binh Dinh, and inter-province Long An/Dinh Tuong.

C. Administrative Committees (Urban level)

Saigon, Can Tho, My Tho, Rach Gia, Vung Tau, Dalat.

D. Special Administrative Committees

Hoa Hao Holy Land, Thien Tu Village.

E. 82 District Committees
476 Village Committees
3,100 Hamlet Committees


213 pagodas & training centers
468 preaching halls
452 meeting centers
2,876 offices


36,500 Administrative Committee members (all levels).
2,679 pagoda and training center staff
6,086 preaching hall staff
10,000 preachers and preacher trainees
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