10. Apendix: Eight Advices to our followers

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10. Apendix: Eight Advices to our followers
While reading the teachings, let us judge ourselves and improve ourselves by correcting errors and comply with the following restrictions:

ADVICE ONE: Let us not drink liquor, gamble, smoke opium, lead a debauched life. Let us comply with the three fundamental bonds and the five cardinal virtues.

ADVICE TWO: Let us not be lazy, but be thrifty, eager to work while devoting ourselves to religion. Let us not quarrel, but forgive each other when losing our temper.

ADVICE THREE: Let us not squander our money to the excess and should not let our wealth make us forget love, righteousness and moral principles. Let us not be selfish. Let us not flatter the rich, belittle the poor.

ADVICE FOUR: Let us not call on God, Buddha, or Saints for help, or curse them as Saints and Gods do not offend us.

ADVICE FIVE: Let us not eat beef, buffalo or dog meat. Let us not kill living creatures for sacrifices to any Saint or God, because Saints or Gods never receive bribes to forgive us. If we are guilty, we will be punished and those divinities who accept offerings to cure diseases are but evil spirits; they will do harm to us because they will get used to our making offerings to them.

ADVICE SIX: Let us not burn votive papers as this is only a waste of money, because bribes are not accepted in the Hades and votive papers cannot be used there. Let us use the money to help the poor and assist the handicap.

ADVICE SEVEN: Concerning either worldly or religious matter, let us think it over carefully before judging.

ADVICE EIGHT: In brief, we must love each other like children of the same parents, help each other get on the path of Virtue. Anyone who keep himself virtuous and pure can reach the Buddhistic Paradise to pursue spiritual enlightenment and return to serve mankind.

All followers of Buddhism, male or female, ought to read the explained prayers at leisure time in order to preserve our nations culture, maintain the good customs and traditions of our society, and wipe off all excessive superstitions harmful to religion and moral.
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