2. Foreword

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2. Foreword

The French oppressive policy of religious persecution has kept me from being with you for five long years, thus preventing me from clearly exposing to you the line of my faith.

It was only the coercive force that divided us from each other. There were, however, many disciples who remained deeply faithful to our religion. Nevertheless, recently some people misunderstood it and did not comply to moral teachings. They acted against the doctrine of mercy and altruism and the nobleness of Buddhism. Hence, the reason for this booklet to be published. I , therefore, hope that from now on the believers of our religion will think over the outline herein given and will behave according to the prescribed rules to avoid regretful incidents and to preserve the honor of Buddhism. Only then shall we show real gratitude to our Master Shakyamuni -- the Creator of Buddhism -- who is leading mankind in the search for Deliverance.

Hail to our Master Shakyamuni

Prophet Huynh Phu So

Note from the Publisher

This booklet is translated from the original text written by Prophet Huynh Phu So (1945). He intentionally made the very deep and subtle Philosophy of Buddha simple and easy to understand to the masses as well as to the intelligentsia, by mostly using popular overtones and expressions, instead of an academic and orthodox language.
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Namo Buddha Amida! May I ask you how I can get all  Biography and Teachings of Prophet Huynh Phu
So? Thank you so much!
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