8. Things to be avoided or allowed or should be done

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8. Things to be avoided or allowed or should be done


One must fully abstain from it, but in parties with strangers which do not fall on fast days, one can have a little of a very light liquor so as not to offend those outside our religion. To become drunk is equal to committing a sin.


One must abstain completely from smoking opium. The smokers who want to join our religion must give it up before being admitted. Only sick people advised by physician may take a little in combination with other medicines.


One must abstain completely from gambling. The gamblers who want to join our religion must pledge to give it up before being admitted. No gambling in any form is tolerated.


All our adepts must respects decent monks. When they teach us right things we must obey them. Towards those known to be false priests (such as wizards....) let us try to advise them to return to the right path of Buddhism. If they continue with their evils, take positive action by explaining to the people as well as to the Buddhist adepts so that they could stay away from those priests.


On Buddhass birthday and on the 15th and 30th of each month (lunar calendar), it would be a good act to go to pagodas to worship Buddha and offer flowers. And there is no restriction to this. It would be much better if we could help poor, ruined pagodas. However, no additional statues should be provided. Once in a pagoda, let us respect the worshipping therein and not defame it in any way.


Towards other religions, let not touch on their way of worshipping and respect their freedom of religions. We must not count on our sheer majority to tyrannize or speak ill of them. We must always behave correctly towards them even if they do wrong to us.

Towards individuals, we must always be on good terms with them so that mutual sympathy may develop. Let us show love and care for them and whenever they are in need, we should try our best to come to their aid.


All our adepts should understand that our Master does not require them to grow their hair long. By letting his hair grow long, our Master is only trying to keep a remembrance of our ancestors ancient custom and to show to us that He is not influenced by the Western civilization. However, many in our religion started to imitate Him by letting their grow long. They misunderstand that growing long hair means leading a religious life. It should be noted that ``leading a religious life and growing long hair are two different things, and leading a religious life does not mean growing long hair just as growing long hair does not mean leading a religious life. If one grows long hair without improving oneself, one is in no way a religious person. As we have escaped the French yoke, from now on, our Master authorizes our followers to make reforms according to the evolution of our country so as to in accord with people of other religions.


Education is not a hindrance to morality. On the contrary, thanks to education, we can understand clearly the eminent dogma of religion. It prevents us from wrong doings and wipes away superstition. It helps us repress extravagant thoughts and not engage in superstitious practices (such as predicting destiny, etc...)

We must learn by ourselves (our native language, etc...), and let our children go to school, so that they will have a wider knowledge. Furthermore, scientific knowledge is not a hindrance to our religious life. It can help us study Buddhism more efficiently.


Without distinction, men and women of our religion should keep their body healthy. For that purpose, let us practice exercises that suit our health. The mind is only clear when the body is healthy. This helps us to apply efficiently all moral principles.


While leading a religious life, one must eat and drink moderately. Avoid good dishes prepared with ingredients bad for our body and which might cause us illness. Let us keep our body clean and observe the rules of hygiene. Get rid of the habit of living in unhealthy conditions because when the body is dirty, the mind cannot develop, and also because gods and saints only approach clean people. Therefore, those who wish to be received by Buddha must be clean physically and spiritually.


In their business, men must comply with the rules as outlined in section ``The eightfold Path.

- Get rid of dishonest deeds: weight cheating, bushel substituting, smuggling, speculating, liquor trading, sales of opium...

- Exercise honest profession without cheating anyone, get rid of dishonest habits.


Those who want to take refuge in religion must be introduced and recommended by two virtuous adepts of our religion. They are to see the Head of Administrative Committee of our religion and all our religious rules must be read by the Head to the applicants to see whether they agree to enter our religion in compliance with its teachings and restrictions. If they agree, tell them to inform their grand-parents and or parents and to pledge before their ancestors altar that: ``On ...(day) of ...(month) I agree to take refuge in religion. Afterwards, the Head gives him this booklet. Where there is no Administrative Committee, the two adepts of our religion would take the applicants to the nearest Committee. Do not compel anyone to take any pledge as this must spring from their own agreement. When they no longer want to follow our religion, the adepts who recommended them must be notified. No one is authorized to call himself an adept of our religion without first observing our rules. Those who act against the rules of our religion as far as morality is concerned, will be responsible for their deeds and will be considered as outsiders even if they do not resign or their names not marked off.

Let us remember this: Buddha will guide and assist honest and good people who observe His religious dogma. He never supports the dishonest and tricky people who engage in wicked and preposterous things contrary to His teachings.
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